What is the Best Age to Retire? Many workers strive to work to a specific age, but what is the best time for you? As you get closer to the traditional retirement age range, you may be thinking, is there a “best age” to retire? The answer of course is not simple and depends on […]

Is there a Best Retirement Plan for Self-Employed Individuals? According to Forbes, over 30% of Americans are self-employed. This situation means they are responsible for their own retirement planning. If you are self-employed, knowing which retirement plan is best for you can be difficult. While many different retirement plans are available, not all of them […]

Exit Planning for Self Employed As a self-employed person, it’s important to have an exit plan in place in case something happens and you need to leave your business. Whether you want to sell your business or hand it off to someone else, you can take steps to make the process easier. Let’s look at […]

Social Security Planning When it comes to organizing your retirement, Social Security planning is one of the most important aspects to consider. Understanding how Social Security works and how it can benefit you in retirement is crucial. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at Social Security and how you can make the […]

How to Find the Right Financial Advisor for Your Needs Financial advisors help people make important decisions about how to reach certain goals and objectives in life. From investing, tax planning, estate planning, handling cash flow, amongst much more advisors become important to many families. Choosing the right financial advisor is crucial to getting the […]

How to Weather Bear Markets When the stock market is down, it feels awful. You may be looking at the market down 20% asking yourself, “what do I do now?” If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Market downturns always seem to happen at the wrong time, but every investor will experience bear markets […]

Inflation has exceeded historical averages for several months in a row now. The Federal Reserve plans on continuing to increase interest rates throughout 2022. To better understand how and why interest rates increase, let’s examine the basics. Interest rates are stated in nominal terms. Which basically just means that a nominal yield includes the real […]