Year-End Financial Planning With 2021 drawing to a close, now’s the time to wrap up your finances and plan for the future. The following strategies can help you finish the year on a high note and enter 2022 with optimum financial health. Review Your Financial Goals Many people make New Year’s resolutions, so why not […]

There are a few similarities between business and personal financial planning — besides the fact that both they’re very wise things to do! Both involve balancing the books. Businesses and individuals alike have to watch income and expenses, set budgets, and get a clear view of what to spend and when to save. Both types […]

Seniors who depend on Social Security are about to experience their biggest benefit increase since 1982. On October 13, the Social Security Administration announced a cost-of-living adjustment of 5.9% for 2022. The boost adds $92 to monthly benefit payments to the 70 million Americans who rely on Social Security, including retirees and disabled citizens. The […]

There are plenty of articles that discuss the best ways to take the result of your blood, sweat, and tears (your business) and turn it over to the next generation. But some advisors focus so much on the checklist of steps for succession that they miss the emotional component. Developing a plan for continuity in […]

Visions of retirement are something most of us entertain long before reaching an age where it’s a possibility. While some picture themselves lounging on sugar-white beaches, others plan to travel the world and hit all of those destinations they’ve never had time to see or explore. For many of us, the dream of retirement is […]

How to Sell a Business to a Family Member For many small business owners, being able to pass their business on to the next generation of their family is part of the American dream. All of the work and all of the effort that goes into building a business out of nothing is made even […]

If you were to sell your small business right now, how much would a buyer be willing to pay for it? The answer involves more than just the current worth of your assets and revenue. It also takes the viability of your business — its potential to generate profits in the future — into consideration. […]